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Mumtaz Haque - Biography


Mumtaz Haque is the producer, host and owner of Manoranjan Radio Show – a show she envisioned to promote diversity, cultural awareness and community service.. A former Michigan Public School teacher and a principal, Mumtaz provides K-12 educational training and consultation to teachers and administrators. In addition, Mumtaz provides cultural training to corporate staff.


Mumtaz has been very actively involved in community activities which bring all people together. Bridging the gap between the Indian and other communities is her vision. Mumtaz was the Co-chair for India Day and was instrumental in bringing over 25,000 people from various cultural backgrounds to the Novi Expo Center for India Day in August 2002. She has been very actively involved in India Day in addition to other cultural awareness programs/initiatives in Michigan.


She has raised thousands of dollars on her radio show for the victims of India Earthquake, Aid Victims in Africa, Tsunami, Katrina, Haiti Earthquake, and other natural disasters). Mumtaz has produced, written, and hosted several children’s educational TV shows called Daedal Doors on Detroit PBS Channel 56.

Presentations/Workshops/Keynote/Motivational Speaker

Mumtaz has presented several motivational,  educational, cultural and peace promoting workshops at non-profit/profit organization events. She has been a presenter at the Religion, Conflict and Peace Conferences organized by the Common Bond Institute (a Michigan based national not-for-profit organization which promotes world peace) for the past two years. Mumtaz has been a keynote and motivational speaker at several events, including The Shanti Project, a program of the University of Michigan, School of Social Works, to strengthen family relationships and prevent domestic violence in the Indian community, John Dingell Veterans Hospital, Detroit (Asian Pacific Heritage Month Celebration), Chrysler Asian Network at Chrysler Headquarters, Auburn Hills ( Asian Pacific Heritage Month Celebration), Swearing-in Ceremony of new Citizens (organized by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, City of Southfield and International Institute) and at the Council of Asian and Pacific Americans Leadership Summit.

Academic/Professional Appointments


Mumtaz with her outstanding teaching and collaboration skills, represented her teacher colleagues for two consecutive years (2003-2004) in the Detroit Federation of Teachers. Mumtaz was also a member of the Michigan Department of Education Bias and Sensitivity Committee for MEAP & MME (Michigan Merit Exam) and still participates as a member on the M-STEP Bias and Sensitivity Committee.


Mumtaz served as President of the International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit(IIMD) during 2002-2004 and again in 2010-2012. As President of the International Institute, she spearheaded the Institute in carrying out its mission of showcasing diversity while helping new immigrants and citizens in Michigan.


During 2003, Mumtaz served as President of India League of America (a non-profit umbrella organization of Indians in Michigan) and worked towards improving the relationship between the Asian Indian community and other communities.


Mumtaz also spearheaded the Council of Asian and Pacific Americans in Michigan (CAPA) as a board member, president (2010-2012)and later as an advisory board member. CAPA, a non profit community organization aims to unite the Asian Pacific Community and the community at large through cultural, educational, and community service activities and initiatives.


The Michigan Governor’s office appointed Mumtaz as a member of Mumtaz the Governor’s Advisory Council for Asian and Pacific American Affairs. She served as the communication chair in the Council. In November 2014, she completed her second term as a Commissioner on the Michigan Asian Pacific American Affairs Commission (MAPAAC).


Appointed a commissioner on the Michigan Civil Rights Commission in December 2014, Mumtaz was the first Asian Indian appointed on the Michigan Civil Rights Commission and later became the  Co-Chair of the Michigan Civil Rights Commission.

  • Honored by the State of Michigan for Outstanding Leadership and Dedication to Community Service (2003)

  • Honored by India League of America (2003) for Outstanding Leadership and Devoted Efforts to bring Cultural Awareness among students of Oakland, Wayne, Macomb, Washtenaw and Lapeer County Schools through Humanitarian and Educational Campaigns – “Penny to Dollar Drive for India” (2001) and “Penny to Dollar Drive for Aid Victim Orphans in Africa” (2002-2003) in Michigan Schools.

  • Invited to the White House on May 10, 2010 June 22, 2011 at a Reception honoring Asian and Pacific Heritage Month and the Asian American Leaders from USA

  • Invited to the White House on June 11, 2011 at a Reception honoring Asian American Heritage Month and the Asian American Leaders from USA

  • Received Award of Recognition and Appreciation for Excellent Leadership, Dedication and Outstanding Contribution by the Council of Asian and Pacific Americans in Michigan (2010)

  • Received Award of Recognition and Appreciation for Support in Raising Awareness of and Inspiring Participation in the 2010 Census (2010) by US Census Bureau

  • Honored by Corp! Magazine for Leading a Thriving International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit as President of the Board of Directors

  • Award of Recognition and Appreciation for Excellent Leadership and Dedication and Outstanding Contribution to the Asian and Pacific Americans (CAPA) in Michigan 2010 - 2013

  • Received Troy City Asian Pacific Heritage Month Proclamation on behalf of the Asian Pacific citizens in Troy city (2013 to present)

  • Received Hall of Fame Award in May 2015

  • Honored as One of 25 Most Powerful Women Leaders in Detroit by Walkers Legacy, Detroit Chapter on June 6, 2016.

  • Michigan's Salute to Diversity Award – Corp! Magazine 2017

  • Received MiBIHAR Award for Community Leadership and Service 2018

  • Awarded Woman of Wisdom (WOW)  by and Detroit Indian Women's Association (DIWA) 2020

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